Imagine walking through a pristine rainforest morning where the sound of native birds envelop the air above a gentle distant waterfall; while haunting pan flute and warm orchestral strings flow all around you….

Or imagine enjoying a beachwalk with the rhythmical crashing of waves and the call of gulls that blend perfectly into the music that lifts and inspires you with every gentle movement…

If this is your vision of relaxing, then the music of Michael Antcliff is for you.

In this stunning, growing collection of recordings, Michael Antcliff has brilliantly composed some of the most beautiful melodies ever heard in this genre and carefully blended them with the calming sounds from rainforests, mountains and seashores producing what is today, some of the most enjoyable and effective relaxation music albums available anywhere in the world.

But the true success of these beautiful recordings is in the listening. Within each title, Michael has created a world of rich imagery and escape; and a delight for any age. Each album induces a gentle, flowing atmosphere that is perfect to ease stress and tension while at the same time offering any listener a total experience of inspiration, wonder and enjoyment. This experience is further enhanced by the wonderful photographic images included in the superb colour booklet accompanying each album.

The albums are well suited to play during study, reading, deep relaxation, any gentle physical movement, to assist in sleep and to relax during any living moment.

Michael also has a deep commitment to improving the quality of life for people specifically in medical recovery and the therapeutic environment. The music albums are used by many major hospitals for a diverse range of purposes including post cardiac rehabilitation, palliative care, mental health facilities and newborn nurseries including delivery suites.

Relax with the music…you’ll feel the difference….


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