From a very young age I was immersed in music, with my mother playing a range of classical music everyday. In 1964, the Australian tour of The Beatles had a dramatic impact on me with the profound excitement, energy and influence of their music. At this time I slowly saved for a guitar and began to play the hit songs of that era.

At high school and later university, I studied jazz guitar and theory of music and formed a number of successful cabaret bands in the role of lead guitarist. During this period, I was drawn to composing my own songs using the old style open-spool tape recorders. The music I wrote surprisingly had no relation to my band involvement… it was instrumental music and frequently written in minor keys with an accent on slow, delicate melodies. It was puzzling how this contrasted with the music I played in the bands. It would be years later that I would realise its significance and destiny.

From 1978 I began a full-time business management career and continued my entertainment pursuits in cabaret until 1990 when the pressure of being an executive during the day and playing lead guitar at night became all too much. I guess you could say I was burnt out and so I literally “hung up my guitar”. However music was in my soul and it was at this time that I became very interested in the calming effects of what was broadly known as ‘relaxation music’. I quickly recognised this was important music and I rediscovered a deep passion and yearning to compose again, a passion that ironically embraced the elements of my earlier instrumental efforts and indeed, the classical music of my childhood. I was also strongly influenced by the dynamics of film soundtrack music with its ability to evoke a wide range of emotive responses.

In 1992 I began a major project of learning keyboard, studying orchestration and constructing a home recording studio. I also began field recording a wide range of nature sounds ranging from the delicacy of native birds to the power and majesty of the ocean and tropical rainforest thunderstorms. In 1999, the culmination of my efforts was realised with the release of my debut album, Beachwalk. More recently, I have completed the albums Bushwalk and Walkabout with more albums due for release soon.

With over 30 years of diverse music experience, I recently pondered in a still moment, the journey I have traveled. I realised how deeply passionate I am about the music I now write… and more than ever before, the potential my music may have to “make a difference” in the world we all share. My thoughts revealed to me the many times in my life music has functioned to evoke emotions, associations, excitement, pensiveness and calm.

If in recording my music, I am able to make a connection with another person to enhance or provide a moment of enjoyment or comfort, then my music has meaning, whether it be during relaxation, working, driving, times of adversity, convalescing or any moment of living.

The beautiful landscape of Queensland, Australia where I was born, together with its nature sounds are my inspiration. My compositions include these elements as an integral component of the current collection of albums. All of my albums have been produced in collaboration with Tourism Queensland who provide the wonderful photographic images that accompany each album.

It is a long way from my first guitar all those years ago, but I am pleased with where I am today, and I hope my music brings you as much pleasure as I had in composing it.


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